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"Karen Vally is my life coach and mentor and I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. My life coaching journey was, to say the least, the best thing I could have ever done for MYSELF. Not only did it allow me to discover things about myself which I would never have otherwise discovered but it also gave me the courage to do the things I would never have thought possible.

Earlier this year, I was presented with the opportunity to enter Mrs South Africa and took up the challenge. I successfully made it through to the semi-finals – what an honour it was to have been recognised as one of the top 100 women in our country. During my Mrs South Africa journey, I was very grateful to have Karen as my mentor. She was very supportive and helped me to prepare both physically and mentally. Karen played a huge role in helping me achieve my goals and stay focused. As the saying goes: “Nothing great was ever accomplished alone.” Karen, thank you for the time you have invested in me. – Amanda Low (Your A Factor)"

Amanda Low

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"Karen as a life coach has helped me tremendously to find a clearer direction in both my personal life and my career. She has shown me how important it is to put myself first! Going through the Wheel of life in depth has unlocked something inside of me. My life is now more balanced which has given me a new perspective and best of all, 'an action plan'. Thank You Karen."

Craik Speirs

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"I have always believed that in life everything happens for a reason and when I met Karen Valley at a Business Seminar, I knew that I met her for a reason.

When I took up the life coaching programme to discover my “Untapped Potential” I was astounded by the impact that this programme had on me.

It was an amazing journey toward self-discovery in which I began to create new habits, beliefs and goals.

I felt a greater appreciation for my talents and purpose in life which made me feel complete again.

We all have the tools and the motivation within us to set forth our creative potential and Karen Valley helped me to explore this further and kept me on track with the post session work which enabled me to commit myself to my goals and my vision in life.

I would highly recommend the life coaching sessions as it is a remarkable way to take yourself to the next level in whatever facet of life one is aiming to improve or master.

Thank you Karen, for being such an inspiration and adding value to my life through your amazing and transformational life coaching programmes."

Riona Rajkumar

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"I have become a far more confident and self-reliant person and the post session effort Karen put in really helped to motivate me between sessions."


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"I hope you are at your best today. I believe that today is my goal deadline day. To love myself unconditionally. I'm not at the beach as I had imagined I would be during our sessions on this day but every other expectation is there. Through daily affirmations, journaling, praying I have managed to appreciate myself more. Not only did I start believing that I deserve better but I started doing things that represent just that. I recently got baptised, an action that has drawn me closer to God.

I got readmitted to university and I am continuing on my third year which means next year I will be completing. This means so much to me because I will be defying society limits, hence being an inspiration for all those who have fallen and want to get back up again, especially women in engineering. I Wake up every day with positivity and determination I feel so free, excited... It's a feeling I have missed for a very long time and I thought I had lost it.

I want to thank you, for playing a very role in my journey. It is not over yet and as a young woman with so many aspirations people like you are needed to guide us and give us the confidence to attain our goals."


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"Thank you Karen!! For unlocking my treasure chest, so that I could discover my true potential. Your patience, guidance and care made me realize that I am capable of conquering all that I want to through confidence, wisdom and my spirituality. Through your guidance I started to study, somewhere I did not ever want to go and now I love it!!

May God bless you abundantly and may you grow from strength to strength."

Keshni Peters

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"Karen and I met at a business marketing group where she was given the opportunity to talk about her business. I was intrigued by what she had to share and inspired by her self confidence, zest for life and clear sense of direction. We set up a one-to-one coffee date and it was there and then that I made the decision to go exploring for my "Untapped Potential". I had a very powerful first session which motivated me to continue with the Life Coaching programme and … I am so glad I did! It has been an amazing journey, giving me the opportunity to dig deep and discover things about myself which I would never have done on my own. My self confidence has significantly increased, I have taken on a new approach to life, focusing on the inside-out and have become unstoppable. Karen, I thank you for your support and encouragement and look forward to our continued relationship. It's not the end ... it's just the beginning!"

Amanda Low

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"July 2014 - About two years ago Karen asked me to be a "test subject" for her in her training as a life skills coach. The session was interesting and I was drawn to it.

When her new life as a life skills coach started, I had one of those wow moments and I decided to attend her full course. The time was right. I cannot find words that are powerful enough to explain what I have received from the course - without telling you all about the course. It was ( and still is) the best thing I could have done at my time in life - age 64 1⁄2 .

Like Karen - from cocoon to butterfly, I have gone from being an adult child to an adult; not on the course; the growing up stuff has taken about 28 years - but I needed to understand myself, and you won't believe it - Karen had prepared a course just for me! How did she do that? That is not really correct , but it seemed just like that.

The course is tailored to meet everyone's needs, BUT - here is the catch. If you don't have a very perceptive, sincere tutor and listener, I think you will get a lot less from the course than I got. Karen did not shape the changes in my life - she facilitated them by giving me the right implements, help and advice to get there, through her deep and heartfelt understanding of me, and through the hours she put into preparing my next session.

I encourage anybody to go for a freebie and then - don't wait for the wow moment - just book yourself on the journey, which will eventually turn out to be your never ending life long expedition. Your changes don't stop there. You have to work at the course and beyond. Continue with the tools that you have been given, to access your introspection, which is what to me is, and will be, the most important routine in my life long excursion.

Keep your mind and body active, and just because the course is finished - DSN! DONT STOP NOW!

Thank you Karen for starting a really enjoyable process. Much is still going to happen in my life - thanks to you. WOW."

Peter McEvilly

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"What Karen has done for me has changed my world...
I always had dreams and aspirations as to what I wanted to be or where I would like to be and what I wanted to be in years to come.
Karen has given me the confidence to take that baby step forward and not look back.
One will never know the feeling of joy when you see your child take his first step and the feeling of elation knowing that there will be no yesterday for regret, as each experience is different.
After taking that first baby step forward, I now have the confidence to dream bigger.
I have done things that I never thought I would, I am still finding that inner peace, "my centre."
Every day is a learning experience.
Karen has untapped my potential and I have never been more confident about my abilities."


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"As a busy entrepreneur, running the daily activities of my business is a full-time undertaking. There is little time available to focus on growth and development - key components of a successful business. . After a small presentation on Life coaching presented by Karen at a business networking meeting I realized I needed help in trying to achieve my dreams.

When I decided to meet with Karen, I instantly felt like she understood me and what I was thinking and feeling. She has made me realise the goals I needed to set in order to reach my dream and she has given me tools that will be instrumental in helping me move forward. She helped me to prioritize a series of small achievable steps that I am positive will lead me towards achieving my dream.

Thank you Karen!"

Stacy Ellis

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"I recently received an email from Karen telling me that I had won a free life coaching session. In my life, I have been through counsellors and social workers, but the minute I met Karen I felt at home. Her warmth and kindness just radiated outwards and I felt that she was someone in whom I could confide. She understands that each individual is different and she treated me with so much kindness.

I immediately felt her sincerity and passion for what she does. I came in feeling apprehensive and directionless but I left feeling lighter and a million times inspired. I think Karen has a touch of magic... if she could help me in just our first session, imagine what she does for others. Thank you Karen... what you did for me I’ll never forget."

Aysha Jubhai

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"I have recently completed the New Insights Coaching Programme with Karen. At the time I was dealing with challenges on a personal and work level! At all times I felt comfortable with disclosing personal issues and Karen always dealt with them in a professional and caring manner. I felt that I was being heard and understood and that she took the time to understand!

She gave up her valuable time to accommodate me after hours as I was unable to do the process during working hours! She always had encouraging messages during the process and even to this day, she gently reminds me of my goals.

I highly recommend that you try a session and see for yourself. I wish Karen all the best and know that her passion is now being lived. Much appreciation and respect."

Sandra Gavin

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"As a former teacher I have often done goal setting with my students, but it always revolved around making a list and then a once-off word of encouragement to the students to achieve their goals. This programme enabled me to unpack the beliefs and values that have shaped my life and hindered me from achieving my goals. The goal setting in this programme is also a process which has directed me to actively engage in achieving my goals so that they don't just remain a list on a piece of paper.

Karen's positive, disciplined approach to our sessions inspired me to be more disciplined as well. Her enthusiasm was infectious and her sincere interest in me and my journey was so refreshing! I also so appreciated her grace and understanding when perhaps I hadn't fulfilled a task.

I have a successful career, but I believe the skills and the break-throughs I have had in these sessions will give me the "compass" I need to truly live the life I want to live and find the path to achieving my dreams.

I would like to convey my deep gratitude to Karen for the investment she has made in me."

Lara Edmonds

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"I recently had the privilege of attending one of Karen Vally's life coaching sessions and I can honestly say it was a life changing experience. She is a highly skilled mentor and listener and was able to impart valuable advice and practical methods to help me deal with some of my concerns and issues. I felt relaxed in her company and knew that she truly understood me and I sensed her deep compassion and care throughout the session.

Karen is truly gifted at counselling and life coaching and she has a passion to help people and to see them reach their full potential at whatever they do. She is an example of a self actualized person who has enormous insight and wisdom and has a wealth of information and life experiences to spur people on who are in need of any form of encouragement and guidance to be the best that they can possibly be. She never for one moment made me feel awkward about admitting to my faults and weaknesses and  my only regret is that I didnt have more time to attend more of these sessions as I learned so much about myself and have been practicing the positive self talk she spoke about which has been hugely empowering.

I highly recommend that everyone has the joy of meeting Karen and gaining knowledge and confidence from such a special person."

Suzi Hellens

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